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"Pricing is according to website size, competition & nature of business!!!"

SEO Plan Small Website Medium Website Medium - Large Website Large Website
Up to 10 pages 11 to 20 pages 21 to 35 pages 36 to 50 pages
Up to 5 keywords 6 to 10 keywords 11 to 15 keywords 16 to 25 keywords
Monthly Price Rs. 8,500/- ** Rs. 10,00/- ** Rs. 12,500/- ** Rs. 15,000/- **

SEO / Online (Website) Marketing Services...
... with ...
Money Back Guarantee***... Offer...!!!

Terms & Conditions:

=> ** Prices shown in table are monthly bases. SEO is an ongoing process and requires monthly on-going SEO maintenance work. Achieved result will remain for a minimum of 4 weeks in the same position after the required result is achieved, and after this period further SEO work is required to maintain the achieved result position. This is not compulsory but flexible and it is up to client(s) whether continue SEO monthly maintenance contract.

=> ** For the first time purchase, 6 months contract is required, and then after 3 or 4 months contract could be made as per client(s) requirement (when client(s) want to continue with the services)

It takes around 4 to 6 month to get any Website(s) in Search Engines' search result pages like Google's first page of search result.

=> *** Money Back Guarantee If the required result is not achieved within 6 months from the date of Initial Payment made & Website FTP access provided (Initial Contract made), then 80% of the SEO fee(s) charged will be refunded after 6 months of Initial Contract Made (On 1st week of 7th Month) and continue to work for free until the result is achieved (on Google's first page of search result). Then, it is up to client(s) whether to continue SEO monthly maintenance contract.

=> For any inquiry related to Order(s) / Service(s) / Product(s), please send an email to or with Your Name, Your Address (Optional), Your Contact No(s)., Your Website(s) (If any), Skype ID (If any) & Your requirements / comments etc.

SEO & Internet Marketing Services in INDIA

TOP SEO BOOSTER ... offers specialized services in SEO and Internet Marketing ... with ROI - Return On Investment Strategy ..., and assured Google 1st Page Search Result.

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